How to Write a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay seeks to describe a topic or subject in a sensory and detailed observation. Essentially, descriptive essays establish a vivid and clear picture of something in particular, for example, a person, an incident, or even a place by the author. A descriptive essay allows an author to manipulate the reader’s human senses and make them feel as if they’re part of the writing.

Tips in writing a descriptive essay

As a writer of a descriptive essay, the prime goal is to make your readers have a sense that they’ve met you before in person, experienced a similar incident, or visited someplace by reading your piece of work. Your goal is to establish an emotional connection that forms a bond between the reader and your work. To achieve all these, you’ll have to follow these steps below.

  • The prewriting phase

Before writing your essay, you need to come with a catchy topic. The topic should clearly describe what you are going to cover in your essay in summary. It is an essential step in the writing process. Before choosing a suitable topic, you should consider your audience type as well. To best choose a topic, you can brainstorm some ideas. After choosing your topic, work on the finer details about the topic. Gather the necessary details about your topic to carry out adequate research or buy essay cheap, which will help you plan out how your essay’s structure.

  • The drafting part

It’s crucial to have a draft in any form of writing. Ensure that you place all the details in the right places in your essay to make sure it flows and appeals to the reader. Make a habit of describing things in detail as opposed to just stating blank facts. Aim at creating a clear visual depiction for your readers by using words and realistic descriptions.

  • Making the necessary enhancements

After you have your rough draft, what follows is reviewing, modifying, and reassembling your content and ensuring it is as good as it can be. However, there are several factors you should consider when making these corrections in your essay. First of all, gauge whether your narration unfolds in the way your readers will appreciate or not. Ensure your paragraphs don’t bring confusion to your readers, but instead, it should well describe your topic.

Secondly, make sure the figurative language and choice of words you use involve the five senses and convey certain meaning and emotion to your readers. Finally, make sure your description establishes a meaningful connection with your actual intent. Always prioritize your reader from the start to the conclusion part of your essay.

Below are some of the ideas that will guide you to choose a relevant topic for your descriptive essay.

  • Your passion. The person you admire,
  • Your first day in school.
  • How you met your best friend.
  • The figure you find most inspiring to you.
  • A memory you won’t forget from childhood.
  • Your dream job.
  • The charm of wildlife.
  • The most fearful animal you met.
  • Your dream car.
  • Your biggest achievement.
  • Watching the sunset on a tropical beach.
  • What you do for fun.
  • Your first encounter with an international celebrity.
  • Your favorite character from a movie.
  • Your first kiss.


Selecting a topic for your article is the most crucial part of essay writing. To become a good writer, you will have to practice more often. Use the above tips and create your masterpiece today. All the best.