The best approach to synthesis essay

When you are given the task of synthesizing a text, it will take you to develop a new approach to the subject through the excellent combination of different pieces of information through different sources and putting the fragments together.

Now talking about synthesis essay if you are going to pay for your essay online: it is the combination of two or more sources to form a complete opinion about a subject. It goes to show that the sources for this type of paper constitute mostly different options. 

The format of the essay

We shall be taking a look at the format of the synthesis essay. There are different approaches to carry out the format of the synthesis essay. Schools have their format; you are going to be given the format to follow. But, there are instances where you will be asked to choose a format of your own; It might be APA, MLA, or others; it is advised that you stick with the format commonly used in your school.

The MEAL approach

This type of essay is different in approach when compared to several essays that you have written in the past. One of the popular formats is the Meal approach. This approach involves the following aspects of writing:

  1. Linkback: There should be connected to the main idea that you are clamoring for in the body of your essay. State the main idea again and point out why your belief in the point of argument and how you have proven such right.
  2. Analysis: Quotes add credibility to your work but they are not enough in themselves to confer legit on your work. Analyze every quote and make your readers believe that the quotes are actually in support of your point of argument.
  3. Your Evidence: This should be included in your essay and it must be referenced properly. Do not rely on social media platforms for such quotes. You need quotes from credible sources that will add legit to your essay.
  4. Main Idea: This is the first part of your paper and it is expected that you present the main idea in a properly organized fashion. It goes to represent your personal opinion on the subject which will be stated in your own words. 

It should be stated here that the argumentative synthesis essay is different from the synthesis essay. They are both academic essays with some similarities, but the differences between them are clear and should therefore not be confused with each other. 

The outline

The outline consists of the normal three body parts of Introduction; body and conclusion. It is expected that you get the attention of your readers through the introduction. It should include the hook sentence that will make your readers read through your essay from start to finish.

The body of the essay should have connected to the main idea represented in the introduction. There should be a flow between the chapters involved in the body of the essay. You are expected to drive home your points by finishing powerfully with your conclusion. It is expected that you give a summary of what is included in the introduction and body of your essay.

Final thought

What you have above is enough to give you total cover on the synthesis essay.