General Tips for Writing a Powerful Essay in 20 Minutes

A powerful essay can move minds and create new ideas. It is the essence of creative writing itself. It conveys the thoughts and feelings of the writer like no other medium.

Essay writing is an art form, and different types of essays need to be embedded with different qualities. In its most appropriate classification, essays can be divided into four broad categories.

To better understand these four types of essays and how to pack a punch in them while writing it within 20 minutes, the categories will be explained in detail.

  • The Narrative
  • Think of the narrative as a story.

    A narrative essay is written to narrate an event, a story, a dream, and other such things. The narrator plays the primary role in a narrative essay.

    Narrative essays generally have two kinds of narrators.

    • First Person narrator
    • Third Person narrator

    The first person narrative essay has an autobiographical context. It is perceived to be the author’s personal experience. First person narratives are generally more contemplative and deal with the emotions of the narrator while dealing with the events of the essay. The third person narrative is narrated by another person as he or she perceives the situation to be. It is an alternative point of view.

    To make a narrative essay powerful within a given time frame, it must be eventful and expressive to clearly justify how the events affect the humans concerned.

  • Descriptive Essay
  • The descriptive essay as the name suggests is used to describe or paint a picture with words on any given topic. Descriptive essays are generally a part of travelogues because they are streamed from the writer’s memory on paper to create a splendid reincarnation of the visual experience. The beauty of descriptive essays lies in the intricate details that make it more imaginative to the reader.

  • Expository Essay
  • An expository essay is based on factual understanding of events. Interesting expository essay topics would be on renowned events that changed the course of time, like man’s first moon landing, or 9/11 terrorist attacks. The details must be perfect and yet invoke a certain imagination within the reader to understand the beauty or magnanimity of the things that happened.

  • Argumentative Essay
  • An argumentative essay establishes an argument between two different points of view and may or may not try to balance the sides. The writer’s job is to bring out the best arguments so as to make the essay interesting and competitive. Argumentative essays generally pose a question, a common example being the institution of marriage, or science versus arts, etc.