How To Write An Argumentative Essay: 5 Keys To Success

Whether you are in high school, college, or graduate school, you will have to write your fair share of argumentative essays on a variety of subjects. The argumentative essay is considered to be the most common type of assignment because it asks you to take a position on a specific topic and present evidence in support of your position with the goal of convincing the reader that you are right.

  1. Brainstorm a Position and Conduct Research

    In most cases, teachers encourage students to develop their own essay topics, just as long as those topics stay within the framework of a larger subject. Come up with a few questions you would like to explore in-depth and choose a distinct position. Next, start doing some background research to learn more about surrounding issues related to your essay topic.

  2. Choose a Structure and Develop an Outline

    The structure is very important for an argumentative essay assignment. The five-paragraph structure is the most commonly used academic format. Take your three best discussion points and related evidence and examples and organize them within a five-paragraph outline. Using an outline when writing each draft will help you stay on track and is a convenient way of arranging and rearranging your material for greater effectiveness.

  3. Write the First Draft of Your Essay Quickly

    A lot of students struggle to get assignments completed because they believe that the writing needs to be flawless at the start. This is just a form of procrastination. First drafts are meant to be rough and sloppy. The best approach is to write the first version of your essay quickly without stopping to make corrections or trying to think of the right way to phrase something. Just let the words flow through you quickly and then set your work aside before making revisions.

  4. Revise Your Argument, Outline, and Essay

    You should try stepping away from your essay for a few days before reviewing it again. This allows you to look at it with a fresh perspective. You’ll be able to reimagine your main argument, discussion points, and supporting evidence. Once you’ve considered it from a different light, you can revise your outline and start working on the second assignment draft.

  5. Have a Somebody Else Edit and Proofread

    It takes great skill to properly edit and proofread an academic paper. And while you may feel confident about your ability to do each of these actions on your own, it’s a good idea to have somebody else – like a tutor, classmate, or friend – look over your work from an unbiased perspective.

While there are more things you can do in addition to these 5 keys, they should be enough to help you craft a solid argumentative essay. Start your assignment early so you give yourself enough time to apply each of these keys without any rush. Utilize all available resources, including writing tutors, teachers, writing guides, and online support. Hiring a professional academic writing service ensures your essay is flawlessly written, thus improving your chances of earning a top grade.